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Radar is the location platform for mobile apps. Radar helps companies build better products and make better decisions with location data. With Radar's event integration with Amplitude, Amplitude customers can forward Radar Geofences, Insights, and Places events and user state to Amplitude, enriching their analytics data with location context. By analyzing changes in user engagement patterns based on location, data-driven teams can optimize campaigns and product features far more effectively. Sending Radar events to Amplitude in real-time allows product teams to understand users' real world behaviors with the added context of where the user is located at that moment. The result: powerful insights to keep customers coming back.


Integrating Radar with Amplitude

Use the Amplitude integration to enrich behavioral events with location context, measure the ROI of location-based features, and build location-based user segments.

Use Case

Audit of existing data and tooling Data dictionary and taxonomy definition Analytics implementation with automated and manual testing Growth stack integration and optimization Tooling configuration and dashboard creation Data management & governance Ongoing reporting and analysis