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Syncari is a modern Data Automation Platform that helps businesses solve costly data inconsistencies and integration challenges revenue teams face today. Syncari offers a codeless bidirectional, resilient, schema-level sync with Amplitude, allowing you to put Amplitude events in any in real time, anywhere (CRM, Marketing Automation, Support, Data Warehouse, ERP). Syncari is built specifically to help revenue leaders regain control of their data sources and integrations through intelligent data cleansing, merging, and augmentation.


Integrating Syncari with Amplitude

The Syncari Synapse for Amplitude provides bidirectional synchronization and fully supports Syncari functions and actions. Objects from Amplitude can be mapped to entities in Syncari using the powerful Sync Studio.

Use Case

Analytics, Customer Retention, CX, Marketing, Ad Targeting, Churn Mitigation, Data Unification