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Human37 is a Customer Data Agency. We help our clients be data-driven and customer-centric. Our purpose is to shape a world that provides better customer experiences for individuals, starting with the customers of our clients. As an agency, we help our clients use data and technology to solve their business needs and ambitions. We bridge the gap between (1) business teams, meaning all the teams active on the customer journey: acquisition, retention, sales, customer support, product, etc. and (2) technical teams: IT, engineers, data, etc. Starting from a strategical exercice, we help our clients identify and prioritize their business challenges and ambitions. We then take the mandate of designing, implementing and (co)operating their customer data infrastructure (or MarTech stack).

Industries Served

• B2B
• Consumer Tech
• E-commerce & Marketplaces
• Financial Services
• Information Technology
• Media
• Software

Markets Served

• North America